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This program focuses on making best use of the vast amount of data available to us related to the energy we consume. The program aims to help the best and most innovative startups on their path to changing the world.
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Energy & Data

By Gas Natural Fenosa

About the program

The main aim of Energy & Data is to support innovative startups in the Data and IoT sector and to contribute to the evolution of both business projects and development of the technologies in which they work.

It works toward the optimization and perfection of the project for its adaptation to the market through an advanced training and mentoring program by the corporate team, office space to develop the project during the program and the chance to develop a pilot.

About Gas Natural Fenosa

Gas Natural Fenosa is a multinational present in more than 30 countries and with more than 23 million clients. Since its very beginning, it has held a strong interest in innovation, and is a pioneer in integrating/integration of gas and electricity supplies.

Its commitment to its clients, employees and the environment, is now seen in an unique program to help startups develop their most innovative projects.

The objective is to continue assisting society's energy needs with increasing quality and respect for the environment.

What we are looking for

The Program is aimed at Big Data & IoT companies in the process of being constituted, or already constituted, whose activity or knowledge allows them to develop value propositions for Gas Natural Fenosa’s residential customers, based on IoT technologies, such as:
  • Data sensing technologies / distributed data capture, global or disaggregated.
  • Communication protocol.
  • Storage / data processing captured by IoT devices as well as sociodemographic data available as business data.
This challenge relates to gas and electricity energy consumption data.

In summary, we are looking for companies that have an entrepreneurial team capable of presenting innovative solutions for development of value propositions for their customers, who see an opportunity in the use of the systems and products offered by the company, and who are interested in sharing their talent and knowledge with Gas Natural Fenosa. 


Big Data 

Artificial Intelligence




with special interest in solutions related to consumption data 


Application period
Ended on 11/06/2017
Selection of candidates
Ended on 02/07/2017
Agreements and signing contracts
Ended on 27/08/2017
Acceleration process
Ended on 20/01/2018
Demo Day
Ended on 26/01/2018

We offer you:

  • Support in technology development through gaining an MVP (Minimum viable product).
  • Acceleration of the business project.
  • Mentoring with GNF managers.
  • Workshops to validate the business model.
  • Masterclasses with Data & IoT experts.
  • Co-working spaces.

In addition:

There is the possibility of establishing long-term agreements with Gas Natural Fenosa, such as:

  • Integration into their distribution channels.
  • Access to their marketing channels.
  • Access to financing.
  • Economic investment..


  • Companies constituted or in process of constitution.
  • Companies with a fully committed team.
  • Preferably with the ownership of the technology protected against third parties.

What we ask for

  • Granting of a right to use the technology according to the project phase.
  • Concession of a preferential right over technology in favor of Gas Natural Fenosa.

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