About FomentUP

Foment Up is an initiative from Foment del Treball to connect established companies with startups. To this end, we design corporate accelerator programs in which new business initiatives can sharpen their viability and grow more rapidly, allowing corporates to access very attractive forms of innovation and diversification.

Our objectives:
  • To offer corporates and startups the chance to work side by side.
  • To build long term agreements.
  • To have new out of the box approaches.
  • To have an accelerated learning program to achieve a MVP.

About Foment del Treball

Foment del Treball Nacional is the confederation that has represented entrepreneurs and the powerful Catalan industry since 1771. As an independent, private, non-profit organization under the constitutional and legal right of association of employers, it is governed using democratic criteria by freely elected representatives.

Our objectives:

  • To contribute to the economic and social progress of Catalonia, Spain and Europe by promoting business vocations.
  • To aid business development.
  • To represent all corporates in administrations and public institutions in Catalonia, Spain and Europe.
  • To promote and coordinate proceedings of affiliated organisations in favor of corporates.
  • To collaborate with other business organisations in order to favour economic progress and development.

Programs and Itinerary

Our principal mission is to identify startups that promote innovation in a specific sector, to which end we offer tailor-made programs which include the participation of mentors in leading corporates in their sector.
In these programs, each startup has access to a tutor who tracks the global acceleration process and expert mentors in different areas, such as finance, marketing, product, technology etc., who offer their expertise as top director in leading corporates.

Each program´s startups will have 4 months either in the headquarters of Foment de Treball or in the offices of the leading company, simultaneously receiving a training program created ad hoc, and a regular assessment linked to the corporate. In the last month startups receive intensive training focused on Demo Day, in which they present their project to potential investors.

The aim is to create excellent, highly scalable business models which enable the possible growth of the selected startups.
Definition of a strategic framework
  • Alignment with corporate strategy, objectives definition, offering and returns and corporative image.
  • Clauses and legal agreements preparation.
  • Definition of the area of interest, impacts on the startup ecosystem, requirements to enter the program and funding, if applicable.
Public presentation
  • Make the program’s communication and expansion concrete. Define the communication strategy.
  • Contact with stakeholders and entities to recruit startups.
  • Open online program application.
Scouting and contract signing
  • Scouting. Evaluation and Selection of teams.
  • Face-to-face meetings with the startups.
  • Corporates´ startup selection.
  • Negotiation of the acceleration agreements.
  • Contract signing.
Acceleration Program
  • Onboarding. Startups location. Integration and involvement of corporate mentors. Mentoring.
  • Workshops: strategies, recruitment, digital marketing, access to investment, legal aspects etc..)
  • Access to experts and strategic partners in the sector.
  • Specification of technological partners. Infrastructures: prototype, business networks etc.
  • Regular monitoring meetings.
  • Training to attract investment.
Demo Day
  • Contact with Business Angels networks, funds and entities interested in expanding financial investment.
  • Public Demo Day presentation event.
  • Closing program meeting and meeting with the company to evaluate the development of the program.
  • Monitoring of the participating startups.

Startups win

  • Mentoring, support and resources (including office space).
  • Support in business model validation and finding new talent.
  • Contact with corporates and professionals in the sector to access new opportunities and partnerships.
  • Prototype development and concept testing.
  • Support in pitch definition to attract new investment.
  • Promotion of start up brand with Industry Partners.

Corporates win

  • Creation of corporate program assisted by experts and participation in the startup selection.
  • The use of this program without needing to create an internal structure of management and resources.
  • Access to new projects, technologies and business options to diversify.
  • A preferential right to invest or to reach strategic partnerships.
  • Being at the cutting edge of entrepreneurship and innovation and of new ideas and market trends


Foment de Treball has historically held solid, long-standing working relationships with the most well-established companies in Catalonia. Barcelona is home to one of Europe’s most dynamic Startup ecosystems.  
Foment Up is in the unique position of being able to directly connect the two"

Maria Mora - FomentUP Director

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