4th Edition of The State of European Tech 

The State of European Tech is a report by Atomico in partnership with Slush & Orrick giving the most comprehensive data-driven picture of European Technology today
At $23 billion, it’s been another record year for investment in the European Tech Ecosystem (just five years ago it was at $5 billion). Europe is producing $B companies at a level more than 15x higher than in the last decade.17 new companies surpassed the $B milestone in 2018.

The report also highlights some of the challenges that Europe needs to address if we are to continue the progress of the past decade. This year’s report has identified a particularly serious problem: 46% of female respondents said they have experienced some form of discrimination working in the European tech industry.

To prioritise diversity and inclusion must be Europe’s first and most urgent priority but there are also others:
Mobilise hidden talent pools
10x pension fund commitments to European VC
Build density through interconnectivity
Lose the inferiority complex
Build an investor base to target underrepresented communities
Bridge the tech and policy divide to harness tech for good
Stop living in the past and drop the cliches
Compensate talent and bring it to Europe
You can download a PDF copy of the report here.  

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