Scaleup Europe: a 4000+ fast growing ecosystem.

Scaleup Europe by Regions

Spain ranks number five with 207 scaleups that raised $2.8B.

The SEP Monitor on Scaleup Europe is the most comprehensive analysis regarding the status of European innovative high growing startups and shows a remarkable increase in the number of scaleups in recent years.

Europe is home to approximately 4,200 fast growing, ICT scaleups in 45 countries, collectively raising about $58B in funding (equal to 0.33% of Europe’s GDP). A relatively young ecosystem with a lot of potential for growth that confirms the absolute leading position of UK in terms of number of scaleups (1,412, 34% of total) and capital raised (35% of the total available to scaleups in Europe), followed by Germany, France and Sweden at a distance. 

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